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      With the country’s population increasing and the loss of thousands of homes to natural disasters, there currently exists a massive housing deficit.  According to the Subdivision and Housing Developers Association, Inc. (SHDA)–an alliance of over 200 private housing developers–the backlog currently stands at 3.9 million units and could rise to 6.5 million in 2030 if the issue is not addressed.  With an average of 5 – 6 people per household, the numbers indicate that by 2030, nearly 40 million Filipinos would be without shelter.  

      While the SHDA’s numbers include those who can afford and those who cannot, socialized housing is second on the list of those needing immediate shelter delivery.  Based on their “New Housing Needs” profile, the country’s socialized housing needs will reach 1.58 million units between now and 2030.  This is due largely to delays in development permits in within the local government units (LGUs), price hikes in utility costs, increases in the cost of raw land, and the obvious lack of funding for the poor. 

        In response to the SHDA’s continuously urging the government to step up their efforts to address this problem, Batasang Pambansa 220 (BP220) was created.  The government act encourages the private sector to engage in the development of economic and socialized housing in both urban and rural areas across the country.  



ID Listing Price
962 General Trias. Lumina General Trias,510,000
1057 Lumina Heights1,335,560
909 Lumina San Pablo Batangas504,897
910 Lumina Homes General Santos540,200
934 Lumina Pandi Bulacan 474,355
935 Lumina Homes Plaridel518,550
937 Lumina Batangas, Sto. Tomas, Batangas485,000
940 Lumina Homes CarCar 504,000
941 Lumina Homes Tanza 499,000
942 Lumina Lipa497,000
943 Lumina Tarlac,513,000
944 Lumina Pampanga1,587,000
945 Lumina Binangonan914,000
947 Lumina Baliuag870,000
948 Lumina Balanga540,000
949 Lumina Tayabas Quezon500,000
950 Lumina Iloilo519,000
951 Lumina Bacolod509,000
953 Lumina Cabanatuan526,000
963 Lumina Dumaguete545,000
1078 Lumina Malolos Bulacan /Bria Mololos Bulacan900,000
1113 Lumina La Union 510,000