Property Company of Friends, Inc. (PRO-FRIENDS)


In November 2, 2016, the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC), through its official Facebook page, has posted an advisory to the public to give light on the issue circulating in social media relating to the “individuals who bought housing units from PRO-FRIENDS.”

In the said advisory, HUDCC stated that it has directed the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) last August 24, 2016 to look into the complaints and media reports the former received from the said individuals, being the regulatory body that issues Licenses to Sell to real estate developers. Responding to its duty, HLURB has promptly acted on over 400 cases and resolved all of these with the cooperation of PRO-FRIENDS.

Like what the HUDCC has stated in its advisory, PRO-FRIENDS also encourages those who have concerns about the properties they purchase from us to bring these to the proper forum--- directly to PRO-FRIENDS or through the regulatory body which is the HLURB. Doing this will enable a faster resolution to the individual buyer’s concerns based on the merits of his/her case. Quoting the HUDCC advisory, “we wish to emphasize the importance of the citizens’ participation in established processes for resolving complaints since not all the facts can be gathered from media reports and social media posts.” Furthermore, it stated, “an effective democracy requires not only the responsible exercise of the right to freedom of expression but also the active participation of an engaged citizenry in making processes work and improving the systems of governance.”

Property Company of Friends, Inc. (PRO-FRIENDS) would like to emphasize that the company remains in submission to the rules and regulations being implemented by the governing bodies that oversee the real estate industry.  This is to ensure that we meet our commitment to create communities and transform lives in accordance to the existing laws of the Republic.


ID Listing Price
113 Catherine1,296,000
112 Alice939,600
114 Diana1,370,000
120 Gabrielle2,600,000
121 Alexandra3,180,000
118 Sophie1,850,000
119 Margaret2,100,000
122 Charlotte2,890,000
123 Sabine4,019,000
124 Viviene4,450,000
125 Adelle1,795,000
126 Mabelle2,179,440
127 Briana3,007,510
128 Chessa2,500,800
129 Anica1,349,600
130 Thea1,534,400
131 Linden1,175,000
132 Pines1,175,000
133 Aokwood2,300,000
274 Lancaster New City1,128,600
275 Carmona Estates 1,364,000
276 Bellefort Estates2,706,480
908 Ilustrata Residences1,800,000