Stateland Inc.


Stateland Pty Ltd is a property development company that has focussed on the development of quality projects since 1994.

Managing Director Peter Macdougall leads the tight team of professionals at Stateland, ensuring appropriate business practices are employed throughout each project.

The same principles that Stateland has adopted in all projects are still our priority - that being 'hands on' with detailed participation in the project conception, research, design, documentation and project management.

Stateland, Inc. is one of the leaders in property development and Philippine real estate innovation. For three decades, it has mastered the rudiments of the real estate business – from conceptualization to development, towards financing and marketing of high-quality real estate products and services. The company aims for constant growth and diversification in varied levels of real estate projects catering to the low, middle and high-income markets. The company is one of the most active participants in the shelter program of the government pioneering in areas with potential growth and conducive to economic development. It will remain as a dominant force in the industry with its continued expansion covering a wide range of products and services for the total satisfaction of its valued clients. The company remains committed in supporting the government in flagship project of providing housing to the Filipino people.


our vision

We will be a leader in the industry that enhances the quality of life by providing affordable quality homes and well-developed communities.


our mission

We, at STATELAND, commit our talents, energies and resources to:


  • Deliver quality and innovative products and services to our customers
  • Ensure satisfactory returns to our shareholders
  • Provide opportunities for growth to our people
  • Build mutually beneficial alliances with our business partners
  • Make meaningful contribution to national development


Together, we shall pursue excellence in all our endeavors.


Live the life you and your family completely deserve.

Stateland, Inc. provides every Filipino family a quality abode in the most desired communities and affordable price packages. Having your dream home has never been this easy! Find the homes suited for your family's need and lifestyle.


ID Listing Price
898 Gran Seville/RFO5,980,100
914 Casa Laguerta450,000
915 Gran Avila/RFO1,228,200
952 San-Francisco-Heights-Palo-Alto /lot only 667,000/RFO1,900,000
954 Avila Heights 1,854,300
955 Chester place2,077,400
956 Crystal Place1,184,400
957 Summer Crest Village450,000
960 Villa San Lorenzo/sold out3,000,000
961 Washington Place 2,699,900