Bria Homes Inc.



Bria Homes Inc. is a housing developer in the Philippines that is existing since 2010 with projects located in major cities and municipalities, such as Bulacan, Rizal, Cavite, Laguna and General Santos City.  Bria mainly offers quality homes ranging from Php 650,000 to Php. 1,600,000.

With the country’s population increasing and the loss of thousands of homes to natural disasters, there currently exists a massive housing deficit. According to the Subdivision and Housing Developers Association, Inc. (SHDA)–an alliance of over 200 private housing developers–the backlog currently stands at 3.9 million units and could rise to 6.5 million in 2030 if the issue is not addressed. With an average of 5 – 6 people per household, the numbers indicate that by 2030, nearly 40 million Filipinos would be without shelter.
In response to the SHDA’s continuously urging the government to step up their efforts to address this problem, Batasang Pambansa 220 (BP220) was created. The government act encourages the private sector to engage in the development of economic and socialized housing in both urban and rural areas across the country.
Enter Bria. While the country’s need for mass housing is immense, most private developers are missing out on the possibilities of this vast market. Realizing this, and to answer the government’s call–and the country’s need–for socialized housing


ID Listing Price
639 Bria Northridge View 950,000
775 Bria Homes Binangonan1,100,000
882 Bria Flats La Pinas1,500,000
883 Bria Calamba990,000
1022 Bria Home, General Trias Cavite5,600,000
1139 Bria Baras Rizal 490,000
1206 Bria Norzagay470,000
1236 Bria La Hacienda800,000
1237 Bria Trece Martires500,000