Grand Monaco Estate Developers, Inc.


Grand Monaco Estate Developers, Inc. began in 1987 as a construction company working on sub-contracts from larger and older companies in the industry. It quickly gained a reputation for solid and dependable performance and, in time, achieved a Triple A status as a full-pledged contractor. The company – a 2010 Global Achiever Awardee on Real Estate Housing Development (Asia’s Housing Czar) from the Asia-Pacific Awards Council (World Trade Center, October 7, 2010) is working on its ISO Certification in pursuit of continuing global excellence.


In 2003, GMEDI ventured into real estate and housing developments. It started with pocket-sized development consisting of a dozen to 30 houses in each project mostly within the cities of Pasay, Quezon, Pasig and nearby towns and cities of Rizal province. Since then, GMEDI has grown into a multimillion-peso real estate company that has produced and sold more than a thousand houses in the upper low-cost and middle income categories. The company has established strong ties with the banking institutions and the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) which provides us the funding support and in turn assists our homebuyers in their housing loans. GMEDI also has in-house financing programs that offer convenient and affordable modes of payment.


Safe location has become the foremost concern of buyers. “All our properties are flood-free. Developers of flood-free properties are going to ride the tide of a robust real estate sector, and are giving the investors a peace of mind”. Offering affordable quality homes has always been the company’s mission. Grand Monaco projects are mostly subdivisions, townhouses and single two-storey four-bedroom units, prices ranging from P2 to P4.5million. GM houses are designed with a specific Mediterranean look particularly the architecture of Monaco, which is Dr. Carpio’s inspiration following a month-long trip to the city state in Europe years back.


ID Listing Price
336 Grand Monaco Casa Verde 1,600,000
339 Grand Monaco La Impreza 3,900,000
340 Grand Monaco La Forteza2,780,000
341 Grand Monaco Residences4,300,000
342 Grand Monaco Heights 2,600,000
343 Grand Monaco Belleveu2,400,000
344 Grand Monaco Alegria1,800,000
345 Grand Monaco Casa Mia1,300,000
346 Grand Monaco La Essenza1,900,000
337 Grand Monaco SouthPoint3,100,000
335 Grand Monaco Homes 24,100,000
347 Grand Monaco La Grandeza2,200,000
348 Grand Monaco Montana Hills480,000
349 Grand Monaco la Esperanza1,600,000
350 Grand Monaco Casa Royale1,300,000
351 Grand Monaco La Potenza2,700,000
352 Grand Monaco La Belleza2,800,000
353 Grand Monaco Hills2,600,000
577 Grand Monaco North Ville3,081,000