Brittany Corporation (Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc)


Welcome to Brittany Corporation

With a portfolio that remains unparalleled in the high-end segment of the property sector, Brittany Corporation has been at the forefront in changing the industry and in the modern Philippine society. A proud member of Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc., the country's largest homebuilder, Brittany Corporation sets forth a progressive approach to building homes and sets a global perspective in its developments. It currently ranks among the top-listed property firms in the country in terms of total assets, earnings, and market capitalization.

Brittany is the first to conceptualize and execute communities that are rich in character and sophisticated in their thematic appeal. Straddling old world charm with modern design, Brittany's homes are sure to deliver. Equipped with the creative solutions and the objective to provide Filipino homes worthy of the high quality of artistic disposition, Brittany builds more than just homes – there are communities which strive to raise the quality of life that are boundless.


ID Listing Price
1142 Amore at Potofino 25,510,000
1143 La Posada11,692,000
1144 Georgia Club 13,775,689
1145 Agusta Sta Rosa7,992,091
1147 Cross Wind Swiss Luxury Resort12,734,000