Alveo Land Corp. (AyalaLand, Inc.)



Alveo Land Corp. is the Philippines’ leading innovative developer of vibrant communities and groundbreaking living solutions adapted to the changing needs of the upscale, urban achiever market. Armed with sharper foresight, unparalleled excellence, total commitment, and an inherent passion and drive for innovation, Alveo Land offers an extensive portfolio of holistic communities with relevant, thoughtfully-designed amenities, and customer-focused services that ensure its residents and end-users live well.


With foresight brought about by many successful years in the industry, the Philippines\' leading real estate developer, Ayala Land, Inc., conceived a company dedicated to building homes that answer the needs of a rapidly expanding market - the urban achievers. Upon registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), this fully-owned subsidiary of Ayala Land was born on September 29, 1995. 

By February 26, 2002, the company was named Community Innovations Incorporated (CII), a move that reinforced a commitment to providing specially designed living environments for the unique needs of a discerning market. Along with the new name was a prominent new office address - the 18th floor of Tower One & Exchange Plaza, Ayala Avenue in Makati City, the country\'s premier business hub.

Community Innovations officially opened its door for commercial operations on March 1, 2002, and since then, it has evolved into one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in the country. Shortly after, CII proudly built not only well-designed developments, but also flourishing communities: Verdana Homes Bacoor, Verdana Homes Mamplasan Verdana Village Center, Two Serendra, The Columns Ayala Avenue, The Columns Legazpi Village, and Celadon Residences - all superior developments bearing the mark of CII\'s expertise and passion for innovation.

As dedication to customers deepened, out came a whole new level-sharper foresight, unparalleled excellence, and total commitment for the company. On July 23, 2008 the company changed its name to Alveo Land Corp. 

Alveo, derived from the Latin word Salveo, means \"to be well,\" as the company doesn\'t just find the means to build the most innovative homes; but looks for ways to give you the life you deserve.


We are a socially responsible company that nurtures empowered teams committed to enhancing customer experience through innovative and value creating community development.



We are the leading innovative developer of vibrant communities and groundbreaking living solutions adapted to the changing needs of the upscale market, ensuring them the life they deserve.


ID Listing Price
191 Abreeza Place8,411,607
192 BPI Cebu Corporate Center8,856,250
193 Celadon Park2,795,625
194 Escala Salcedo6,300,000
195 High Park Vertis North7,117,857
196 High Street South Block Park4,100,000
199 Kroma Tower /sold out3,200,000
198 Kasa Luntian4,695,357
200 Marquee Residences 4,000,000
201 Sedona Parc/RFO8,499,000
202 Senta3,400,000
203 Solinea7,663,392
204 Solstice7,762,500
205 The Columns Legaspi Village/SOLD OUT3,000,000
206 The Lerato 33,100,000
207 The Sandtone at Portico6,700,000
208 Two Serendra6,800,000
209 The Veranda11,174,107
210 Abreeza Residences7,052,678
1012 The Stiles Enterprise Plaza11,393,000
1016 Alveo Park Triangle Corporate Plaza23,513,000
1017 The Gentry Residences21,188,392
1093 Callisto Tower7,709,000
1163 The Financial Tower25,000,000
1165 Aveia4,583,928
1166 Mondia5,265,178
1167 Montala Alviera4,077,000
1209 Mirala Nuvali5,833,300