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By: manderlust
March 3rd, 2016
Manila, Real Estate, Philippines, Affordable, Low Monthly

Price Range : PHP 5,700 to PHP 20,000 per month

from Condomium Units to House and Lots (Lowest to Highest)


Top 1 

Victoria De Malate in Malate, Manila

Developer: New San Jose Builders, Inc.

*Net Selling Price : 1.3M++

PHP 5,500++ Monthly / 22.27 sqm 

Bank Financing PHP 22k++ for 5 years


  1. Within 4 years (2020 Turnover) you will have your own place in that low price.

     2. It does have a good location. It's commercialized.


  1. 4 years waiting time? Too long. Hmm. Not bad, better than just waste your 5k monthly eating in a fancy restaurant for your daily instagram post. 


  1. I'm not so sure if the developer San Jose Builders has no delayed Projects because if it would be delayed. Uh-oh! 4 years is too long already.

Top 2 

River Green Residences in Sta. Ana, Manila

Developer: CDC Holdings, Inc.

*Net Selling Price : 1.8M++

PHP 6,000++ Monthly / 23.30 sqm / Studio

Bank Financing PHP 18k++ for 20 years (PNB Bank Only)


  1. Here's an idea on their price range as of March 2016. 6k++ monthly for a studio unit in Manila, and for me - I'll go for this!

     2. Plus factor it's near in our CBD areas and Malls. 


  1. The developer is not famous as Ayala, SMDC or DMCI but I researched them, they have Ready for Occupancy units already in Parañaque and Manila. 


  1.  THE WAITING GAME IS STRONG. Again, of course, it's that affordable because it's Pre-selling! (2 years till RFO)

Top 3 

Bloomfield Park in Mabalacat, Pampanga near Marquee Mall

Developer: First Shelter Ventures and Realty Corporation

*Net Selling Price : 1.2M++

PHP 7,000++ Monthly / 36 sqm / House and Lot

Through Pag ibig PHP 10k++ for 25 years


  1. Here's their Price range as of August 2015. Duplex in a price of 7k++ monthly. 

     2. It's near Marquee Mall in Pampanga. 2 hours away from Manila plus

Pampanga is becoming more urbanized already.


  1. 2 hours is still 2 hours. If I'm working in Makati it will not work for me.

    But hey! Living inside Metro Manila still leaves you to sometimes more than 2 hours of travel time because of Traffic. Whew!


  1. Waiting game again. But why not?

Top 4 

Alsea in Better Living, Paranaque

Developer: First Shelter Ventures and Realty Corporation

*Net Selling Price : 1.9M++

PHP 10,000++ Monthly / 38 sqm / House and Lot

(1.5M++) 80% Bank Financing PHP 8k++ for 15 years


  1. Here's their Price range as of March 2016. Option 2 has lower monthly ammortization

    but it'll have a higher lumpsum on the 23rd month of the Downpayment. So, you can also opt for 12K monthly.

     2. Actual Photos. At these price point, the turnover of the project is quite good.


  1. As always, it's traffic in Better Living but where else in Mega Manila is not traffic?


  1. Pre Selling. Travel time may be an hour or more from Makati but you'll always pass through SLEX which will cost you. But if you ride a bus I think it's more convenient than bringing a car.

Top 5 

Amaia Scapes in San Fernando, Pampanga

Developer: Amaia Land Corp. (an Ayala Land company)

PROMO units – Twin Pod and Multi Pod

10% Downpayment payable in 18 months, 90% thru bank financing

(I just hope by the time you see this it's still available)

*Net Selling Price : 1M++

PHP 10,000++ Monthly / House & Lot / Floor area: 28 sqm  Lot Area: 65 sqm

Bank Financing PHP 19k++ for 20 years


  1. Watch out for their Promos.

     2. House and lot for only 12k++ monthly with almost 1 year waiting with a Modern Design.

Multi Pod

Twin Pod


  1. Too far from Metro Manila but money-wise, 12k++ monthly with a house and lot, you may consider this a good investment.

    Looking forward for the Philippine Real Estate, I'm sure all the provinces will have a Zonal Value appreciation (20 years from now).


  1. Of course, I have to consider that my business and my work is in Metro Manila and I also grew up here,

    so for me, I'm not really a fan of driving 3 to 4 hours everyday just to go home.

    However, if you're a person from the North area, I think you should consider Amaia Scapes San Fernando.

Top 6 

FAME Residences in EDSA, Mandaluyong

Developer: SM Development Corporation (SMDC)

PROMO units 

Scheme 1    15% in 47 months, 5% Spot on th 48th month, 80% cash or bank on the 49th month.

Scheme 2    20% in 48% months, 80% cash or bank on the 49th

(I just hope by the time you see this promo, it is still applicable)

*Net Selling Price : 1M++

PHP 10,000++ Monthly / Floor area: 28 sqm

Bank Financing PHP 19k++ for 20 years


  1. Talking about accessibility. Right in front of EDSA!

     2. Sample Price Range. Compute for yourself. 12k++ monthly for an SMDC Premiere Project. Wow!



  1. 4 years from now is the turnover date. 

  1. EDSA is still EDSA. I don't know if I can hear the buzzling traffic of EDSA from the unit.

Top 7

Amaia Skies Cubao in Quezon City

Developer: Amaia Land Corp. (An Ayala Land company)

*Net Selling Price : 2.4M++

PHP 13,000++ Monthly / 27.75 sqm / 1BR

Bank Financing PHP 21k++ for 20 years

(I just hope by the time you see this promo, it is still applicable)

*Net Selling Price : 1M++

PHP 10,000++ Monthly / Floor area: 28 sqm

Bank Financing PHP 19k++ for 20 years


  1. One and a half year waiting time only. You will live just across EDSA. Commuter-friendly location.

     2. (Photo is a Dressed-up Model Unit, this will be delivered Finished only). 13k monthly for a 1 Bedroom in the Center of Quezon City, I think it's a good deal already. 



  1. The waiting time is still an issue. One and a half year waiting time but of course

    let's keep in mind that when the structure is ready, you can't move-in immediately because you

    still have to complete the documentation process before moving in. So, let's make it around 2 years.

  1. 27.75sqm for a 1 Bedroom. It's quite small but for a starting family, a husband and wife only,

    I think it's fine - and at least, you have your own space already.

Top 8

Lumiere Residences in Shaw Blvd., Pasig

Developer: DMCI Homes


*Net Selling Price : 2.1M++

PHP 14,000++ Monthly / 28 sqm / 1BR

Bank Financing PHP 18k++ for 10 years

(I just hope by the time you see this promo, it is still applicable)

*Net Selling Price : 1M++

PHP 10,000++ Monthly / Floor area: 28 sqm

Bank Financing PHP 19k++ for 20 years


  1. . It's a plus factor that it is already near the Central Business Districts here in Metro Manila. It is close to Taguig and Ortigas, plus the newest mixed-use development by Ortigas & Company which is the Capitol Commons.

     2. DMCI as we all know, they deliver their project on time with fine finishes. Talk about value for money!

Promo Effectivity : March 1 - April 30, 2016

This quotation is 30% Downpayment with 70% Balance, but their promo is extended until October 2018 (Turnover of East Tower)



  1. One cons for this project is the location. Pasig was also known for a moderate-heavy traffic area

    but other than that, this project is okay. It is still a DMCI project with a good location. 

Top 9

Camella Vita Tierra Nevada

*Net Selling Price : 1.7M++

Developer: A Vista land Company

PHP 14,000++ Monthly / 28.1 sqm / 1BR

Bank Financing PHP 12k++ for 20 years



  1. Accessibility from Baclaran or Coastall Mall

    • Take bus with a signboard Ternate or Naic, get off at Tejero Terminal; Take jeepney with SM Palapala or Robinsons Dasma signboard
    • Get off at Camella Tierra Nevada entrance, Take tricycle in going to your house. 

     2. The pricing is competitive in the market, it's affordable for a house and lot.



  1. Knowing Camella, they always deliver their projects but my concern is it's also far from Metro Manila. 

    And investment-wise, Cavite is one the booming city in the Philippines. 

Top 10

Manila Rivercity Residences

Developer: CDC Holdings Inc.

Hurry few units left!

*Net Selling Price : 1.9M++

PHP 15,000++ Monthly / 28.1 sqm / 1BR

Bank Financing PHP 12k++ for 20 years



  1. Rent-to-own these days are rare so yeah, thumbs up to CDC Holdings but for now, I think 2BR is the only available unit.

     2. The exterior of the building is impressive. For the price? it's good. 



  1. Don't know what the actual unit looks like and I don't know much about CDC Holdings.

    But yeah I'll try to visit this project soon! 

 *Net Selling Price are estimates only  

Purpose of this Article: 

 I wrote this article for the buyers like me who wants to know the price range of the Real Estate properties here in the Philippines. 

I also included the Pros and Cons because I want to share my opinion to everyone. For me, it's important to have my own space that's

why I researched a lot. I want to start investing in Real Estate because we already know that Real Estate is the only investment

on earth that is real and appreciates in value. Do we have the same thoughts in this page? Please comment below.


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